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Hands-on with the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series Diver"Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package!" as crooned by Morrissey with the Smiths in "Paint a Vulgar Picture" was really what found mind when I first find about today's watch, the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series. In case you are in any respect informed about the song (or if perhaps you aren't), it, the bottom line is, speaks about the endless marketing of an dead pop star by releasing all sorts of limited edition versions the exact same songs. And so it was when I first learn about these new Black Series (you will discover 3 - a solar chrono diver, a solar diver and the mechanical piece the thing is that here) inspired by night diving, I form of sighed and dismissed the watch with nary a peek. Honestly, I figured, Seiko is starting to rival Nike as well as Flyknits with all the variety of colorways available either like a normal release or as some form of limited run. But, and i am very happy to admit this, I used to be wrong to dismiss the most recent offering beyond Japan.2-3 weeks back, I began to view the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series on Instagram as the folks I met at the Time4APint gathering posted one after finding one inadvertently with a London boutique toy watches . Then, using what I can only get in touch with a whole surprise a little while ago, Robert-Jan informed me that she was picking one up understanding that these items were selling fast. It was clearly time to take particular notice.Skip ahead to around a couple weeks ago after i stopped in to the Seiko Frankfurt Boutique to go off a few replica watches that needed some work and I decided to question the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series. Firstly, if you are ever in Frankfurt, it is best to pay this shop an outing. The team there may be incredibly friendly; they love Seiko's and are quite experienced in new and vintage pieces. If they served beer, I'd probably find myself there every Saturday! To the story…I was told that the Black Series was rented out already, however they hoped to penetrate increasingly i always could add my name for the list. Most importantly, though, additionally, they showed me and allowed me to handle a bit that was on reserve. Did I wish to add my name to the list? Certainly! Lo and behold, the surprise call, or email, took place four days later since the boutique received a shock shipment of some on the replica watches.Besides my initial thinking that the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series was simply another marketing ploy, I used to be truly turned off because of the looked into a black-coated case. It's tough to spell out why it is not my thing, but my wallet has only voted in this direction twice before: once upon an Obama-era Bell & Ross diver and later on for any 70's LeJour chronograph. Both replica watches get exactly zero wrist time since i simply get the case color a bit too tactical, I'm always interested in damage, and i also often wear brown leather accessories (yes, I'm the American who wears brown shoes in Europe after 8pm) paypal replica watch . But, as we'll see, I do think this Seiko is a touch different.Let's begin with a bit of basics about the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series. The watch is mechanically and physically identical to the SRP7xx models often called the "Turtle". Which means you obtain the same ~44mm metal case keep in mind in addition to 200M water resistance along with the robust, hacking and hand winding, 4R36 automatic inside. The watch is marketed like a Special and it is marked so about the stainless case back.Therefore a bit unclear because the replica watches aren't numbered, therefore it "seems" that either Seiko can make these during 2018 until demand dries up or has some decided but unshared number under consideration. You also get a special black box by having an orange inside stating Unique as well.  Match it up with on the PADI Turtle (SRPA21) which carries the nomenclature and engraving of "Special Edition", that is a regular piece but somehow different. It's a bit confusing, I understand.That which you understand together with the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series is, needless to say, an exclusive case color. Seiko calls it a hardcore black coating, so we're left to wonder a bit about exactly what's employed, nevertheless the most important thing to notice is it isn't uniform across the case. Essentially, picture a stainless version and wherever there's a matte surface, the black coating is matte on the Black Series.The same can be said about the polished portions, for example the case sides, crown and bezel. What this winds up doing is adding far more depth and detail as to what would certainly end up as a claim that disappears. In many lights, I even chose the brushed surfaces to battle a dark grey hue in order to look like ceramic. The utilization of different surfaces alone makes this watch appear far more expensive than its cost.Using the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series, the brand took the chance require a new bezel insert having a dark grey section in the first 20 minutes. The matte black dial is combined with the using what appears like aged LumiBrite. When mentioning aged lume, some might decry its use, having said that i actually think Seiko chose it to "warm up" the look a bit versus using stark white markers. It works and it is a design choice that sells the watch.Likewise, Seiko opt for bright contrasting orange hand with the minutes hand that echoes some serous divers including the Doxa 300 and Omega Seamaster Ploprof. Again, it truely does work well and gives some important color. Strangely watches , hands apparently use white lume, which carries on a practice of Seiko not invariably matching the 2 main. Overall luminescence is astounding in comparison with anything apart from a flashlight, even so the hands definitely glow brighter compared to the dial.Together with the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series, I've finally purchased the ability to go hands-on using one of the brand's silicone straps. I've read all kinds of glowing reports about these straps also it all seemed overstated. Seriously, Robert-Jan glowed about these items on the same level like he'd discovered a fresh Andre Hazes album! Well, after finally getting the possibility to wear one, I can tell you the straps are amazing.Fine, it may help these particular straps replaced what were arguably the worst rubber straps of them all together with the polyurethane items that Seiko previously deployed. (Side note: I shall be burning those unceremoniously.) Yes, the silicone versions get some serious dust (especially as it is so dry on this occasion of the year), however they don't pull hair and they also feel so light. Length-wise, the strap even works for me. A black-coated, signed steel keeper and buckle are outfitted at the same time.At 450 Euros in Germany, the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series strikes me searching for than reasonable. The truth that it's selling well likely implies that it could be an easy task to flip in case you choose that it isn't the lights out hit that many think it is. Yes, Seiko provides many variations around the Turtle theme, however one is different enough to warrant your interest.  While we have no clue when Seiko will stop producing these, I'd think it far better to take appropriate steps swiftly now.For additional information on the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series, visit the Seiko site.